100% handmade stompboxes effects pedals doom metal stoner rock heavy metal black sabbath sleep electric wizard fuzz overdrive distortion kyuss


Fuzz and Burn electric Guitar Bass effect pedal stompbox fuzz overdrive silicon doom stoner metal electric wizard yob black sabbath sleep kyuss
Fuzz and Burn electric Guitar Bass effect pedal stompbox fuzz overdrive silicon doom stoner metal electric wizard yob black sabbath sleep kyuss

The pedal is 100% built by hand upon order, so the current lead time is 4-6 weeks







The Fuzz & Burn is an twin Fuzz and overdrive pedal. It is designed for people who enjoy all things heavy! Depending on your tuning, you can play from 70s heavy rock, up to doom metal and death metal! From Hendrix to today’s ultra heavy bone crushing bands.

It works particularly well with big clean amps and it’s very responsive to your instruments' controls. You’ll be amazed on how well you can control its gain by altering your instruments’ volume.



Its controls are pretty straight-forward. Both switches are true bypass so you need not worry about it buffering your signal. The fuzz footswitch enables the fuzz part of the pedal, and the burn footswitch enables the overdrive part of the pedal. The sludge knob controls both the volume and tone of the fuzz. When reducing it, up to a point it alters the tone, and after that it reduces the volume.


The heavy/heavier switch, controls the low frequency response of the fuzz. It produces 2 different fuzz sounds.


The growl knob is a volume control for the overdrive pedal.

The pedal in general is very amp dependent, so you have to find a sweet spot if you want to use both effects simultaneously. Reduce the growl potentiometer a bit, and bang! you get a boosted fuzz tone close to an extreme sounding tone bender.

We tend to use both the effects on the guitar solos in order to give an extra boost to the instrument to stand out.


Created by using:

  1. Heavy Duty die-cast aluminium enclosure, professionally powder coated and screen printed
  2. High quality switches and alpha pots
  3. 1% tolerance resistors
  4. Solid and stranded core tinned coper wire
  5. Lead-free (Sn96,3 Ag3,7) solder


To use it plug your instrument or other effect output to the right side of the pedal and the amp or other effect input to the left side of the pedal and prepare yourself to be crushed!

It can be powered up either by a 9V battery, or by a standard 9V adapter (like the boss ones with negative in the centre). The DC input is at the right side of the pedal, next to the instrument input.


To make your battery last longer, please unplug the pedal’s input after using it.


For any questions or issues feel free to contact us


We’ll be more than happy to help!


Demo Videos with the Fuzz & Burn on Guitar

Bass Demos of the Fuzz & Burn by Jeff Matz of High on Fire

The awesome 'Peyote Queen' album by 'Gorilla Pulp' using the Fuzz & Burn on guitars

The Phosphene/Floaters' 2-track single by the band 'Zolfo' using the Fuzz & Burn on guitars

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